Sahara Crossing

Everyone has a desert to cross

Offering professional courses and one on one sessions that will enhance business skills at a fraction of the cost of other cookie cutter professional training firms. Individual innovations that are personalized for you and your organization.

Our rates are on a sliding scale determined by you and the guaranteed results achieved. 

Life is a journey and at some point in our lives we will reach a crossroads - we will have a desert to cross. For some we are crossing that desert now; others will cross more than one desert.

Sahara Crossing was founded to help people find direction in their life. Our motto is  "no-one does it alone" ...ever. Any successful person or business has had to lean on others for support at one time or another - it is the mark of strength and character. Every successful person or organization is always willing to help others - it is the mark of compassion and greatness.

Give us the opportunity and privilege to help you achieve the greatness you have inside of you.

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Sahara Crossing LLC
120 Autumnwood Ave
Athens, Georgia 30606

(706) 713-1476

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